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"Another work from the very talented Richard Pyatt." Ruth Warrick, star of "All MY Children."

"I would like to extend my congratulations to you and wish you continued success on receiving the Public Health Association's annual Merit Award."--Edward I. Koch, Mayor, city of New York.

"Dick Pyatt, not only a talented news reporter, but he has a new book out and is a terrific performer." James Brady, columnist.

"The publication of this novel book, "Magic Meals," marks Mr. Pyatt as a true Renaissance man. On behalf of eight million New Yorkers, I extend my appreciation for Mr. Pyatt's colorful approach to cooking and life. I hope you have a most enjoyable and successful response." David N. Dinkins, Mayor, City of New York.

"We are all vitally interested in the incredible advances being made daily in the rapidly changing, complex world of health and medicine. Unfortunately, few, if any of us, have the time to "dig" for the information that can literally save our lives. Dick Pyatt deserves a nice shiny apple for doing all the hard work for the rest of us. His book is an important quick reference guide for everyone who values good health --Bob Bruno, General Manager, WOR-Radio

"One of the most comprehensive and thorough books of its kind is Richard Pyatt's Magic Meals"
Arthur Schwartz, food critic and columnist, WOR radio and Daily News.